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Human Resource Scheduling Made Easy

Malandro works with CEOs, executives and leaders to take their corporations to new levels of performance. Employing, as contractors, an average of 15 consultants who travel to various engagements around the country, the company has to match consultant availability to set dates, check which engagements are booked, and which consultants are assigned. They turned to Innovative-e for assistance.

How Bamboo Helped

Malandro had initially created a solution comprised of Project Server, Microsoft Project, Dynamics and SharePoint. This solution proved to be overly complicated and hard to maintain. Innovative-e opted for a simpler combination of out-of-the-box SharePoint with some seamlessly integrated Bamboo web parts.

Lookup Selector Column was extensively used to enforce business logic, while List Rollup was combined with Calendar Plus to consolidate engagement, schedules and availability data sets into a single calendar view. Alert Plus was chosen to enable the automatic sending of customized, conditional email notifications and reminders in SharePoint.

The results were a success and a lesson in the effectiveness and ease-of-use of tailored solutions.

Calendar Plus from Bamboo enables the easy viewing and managing of data from multiple calendars and tasks lists in one central web part.

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